Fashion design watch kiosk customize shopping mall stall

Now because people’s living standard has been greatly improved, people no longer buy watches just to check the time. It is more of a decorative function and status symbol. People are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the desired watch to decorate themselves if they have enough money.

In the shopping mall, we can see many stalls that sell different kinds of products. Watch is one kind of it and hot sale. Usually, open on the first floor of the shopping mall with other high-end products together. Now let us check a fashion design watch kiosk customize shopping mall stall.



This is a watch kiosk with the glass display and shelf display area. It has the glass cover on the countertop so that you can display your watch product inside. On the top of the glass cover, we can install the led strip light to light up the product and let them look more attractive and beautiful.

The material of this watch kiosk we can use plywood with laminate. And the glass is 8mm tempered glass with the led strip light. For the logo on the watch kiosk, we can use 3d lighted logo or not lighted is also okay. Under the stainless steel toe kick has the yellow color led strip light.



Our design team is able to make a customize 3d watch kiosk design for you. Meanwhile, we provide the revision service if you need to do any changes to the watch kiosk design.

We will send the watch kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days and then we can discuss the revision. You can send it to the shopping mall for approval. And if they require the construction drawing, we can make and send it to you.

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