Chain brand watch kiosk shopping mall retail watch display showcase

Watch is a kind of high-end luxury product. You can see in the street some people who love to wear a watch. Not only can check the time but also can as a fashion accessory. Our company can guide you on how to make a watch kiosk to start a business. You can choose on our website your favorite watch kiosk design.

This is a chain brand watch kiosk shopping mall retail watch display showcase design. You can check it for reference and we welcome any idea from you about the watch kiosk design.



It is the glass display cover on the countertop, inside display different kinds of the watch. The bottom of the countertop glass display cover is the storage cabinet. You can put something inside. And inside we can make the removable display shelf for you. On the four corners is the lighted box with the posters. A small cashier counter with a cash drawer and storage cabinet.




We can customize a new watch kiosk design for you. Before we make the watch kiosk design, you can send the logo and the size of the watch kiosk to us. We can discuss the layout and then our designer will make a new watch kiosk 3d model for you.



The material of the watch kiosk can use MDF with baking paint. The glass is 8mm tempered glass and has 10mm and 12mm. And the logo we can use the acrylic lighted logo. We will install all the hardware, the same lock with key, handle and stainless steel toe kick.



We can ship the watch kiosk to you by sea. Arrange the shipping to the port or door to door address.

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