Retail mall display booth watch kiosk in the shopping mall

Watch is a tool to check the time and also as a kind of accessory. It is a kind of high-end product for people that can use as a gift for friends or family. The watch kiosk usually opens on the first floor of the shopping mall. If you want to make a watch kiosk to start a business in the shopping mall, we can help you a lot.

Our company has over 15 years of experience in the customize kiosk and store furniture industry. We not only can provide suggestions for the mall kiosk design, but also can offer you a customized kiosk design service. Now let us see a black color watch kiosk design together.



A nice watch kiosk design is very important for your business. But it does not mean you need how luxury style design, a simple and useful kiosk design is good enough.

This watch kiosk design is such a simple black color design, glass display showcase with the logo on the front. Under the stainless steel toe kick add the red color led strip light as the top logo is also red color.


The size of the watch kiosk:

4 x 3 m or customize size.

The material of the watch kiosk:

MDF with baking paint.

The glass of the watch kiosk:

8mm tempered glass.

The logo of the watch kiosk:

3D acrylic lighted logo.



If you want to make a watch kiosk but don’t know how to start, just feel free to contact us. Our company has a good design team that can make a customize watch kiosk design for you.

We can make a new 3D watch kiosk design with the size, the logo and the material you want. You can let us know what kind of style you want and the layout etc.

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