White Watch Kiosk Sunglasses Cabinet with Glass Case for Sale

watch cabinet

Watch kiosk is a good place to sell watches, sunglasses, mobile phones, jewelry, and cosmetic kiosk. You can start a business in the shopping center, retail shops, and outdoor kiosks. High-end watch kiosks help your business and attract eyes attention. Here is a nice watch kiosk sharing with you.

Nice watch kiosk design

This watch kiosk size is 4m by 2m, includes a glass display counter, cashier counter, drawers and cabinet, brand sign, lighting, and advertising posters. The materials include tempered glass, stainless steel, light lamp, etc.

watch standGlass display counter

The glass display counter surrounds the watch kiosk. It has multiple layers of glass shelves to place more sunglasses and watches. Under the glass, the counter is a cabinet and drawers for storage. Brand signs attach to the surface of the counter body to let people know you better.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set in the middle area, mainly uses to checking bills and help clients find their favorite products. The brand logo will also attach to this counter to leave a deep impression on people.

watch kioskAdvertising stand

Advertising stand manly has a brand sign, light box painting, and has a round sign at the top. TV players can also attach here to inform more clients.

Light lamp

All the glass cases have a light at the countertop. You can also add flooring light, under counter light to makes your watch shop outstanding.

The main color is white with green color decoration. You can also make it same color, style meet your shop theme, it is customize watch kiosk. No matter how much size you rent, the watch kiosk will fit the lease line. Just tell us your ideas, the designer can help you crease 3D design and show all the details.

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