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watch kiosk

Do you need a watch kiosk to start a business? Watch kiosk is a good place to display watches and make people know your business well. Clients can also experience good services directly. Today, I want to share a nice watch kiosk sharing with you.

3D design watch kiosk

The watch kiosk size is 4m by 4m, mainly used in the shopping center as a retail shop. Like a street shop, it has to watch display counters, cashier counter, wall cabinets, brand image walls. The main material includes MDF with baking paint. The tempered glass with lighting lamp to increase the brightness. We can also use plywood with laminate to build the kiosk and get a different effect.

watch boothLayout information

Glass display counter

We can see the glass display counter set in the entrance near the column. Clients can view and purchase watches directly. The glass display counter is in black with a white desk that can highlight products well. Golden brand names letters attach to the body to let people know you well.

watch showcaseReception desk

The recent desk, also view as a bill counter, is set at the back wall. It has a black body with golden frame decoration, that matches the whole watch store decoration. Behind it is a large image wall. You can set your brand name, logo, and even put up advertising posters here.

Wall cabinet

Another wall has whole wall cabinets. Between wall cabinets are lightbox paintings, mainly introducing different styles of watches. Posters can also show new inventions or hot-selling watches that attract people to buy them.

Luminous logo and sign attached to the top ceiling. Not only for decoration but also to help increase people’s trust in the brand. If you plan to start a business in the mall, please kindly contact us here. Thank you

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