Luxury Sunglasses Kiosk and Watch Display Showcase in Mall

watch kioskEveryone wears sunglasses and watches to improve their characteristic. When opening a mall kiosk, you can sell both sunglasses and watches to earn money. Here is a nice display showcase introduce to you.

Introduction of sunglasses kiosk

This sunglasses kiosk between two columns, size is 4m by 2m. It can be customized based on your rent area. The main color of the sunglasses kiosk is white and green color. You can also choose other colors that match your location.

sunglass kioskFront View

As we can see in the design, there is two glass display showcase for watches. Brand logo set at the front. The glass counter has 3 layer stairs drawer, clients can view items directly but can’t read directly. A cashier counter with a POS system, with wood bar decoration.

Side View

4 corners have squared glass display counters with a rotating display shelf inside. It is high lever than watch showcases. You can place sunglasses on each display shelves. Clients can also purchase a style directly. In the middle, the counter is also a watches display counter with lighting.

watch boothThe counter base has lightbox painting for advertising. Clients can also know your business well.

Top view

There are multiple glass display counters surrounding the lease line, which makes full use of the space. And the back area is an entrance door, it has a sliding door, and when the door is closed, the door opening from above can increase the use area.

sunglass showcaseAdvertising posters

You can also attach light box painting on the column, which can increase the advertising area. It’s good to show your company profile, new invention products, and even promotion details.

You can also add your ideas to make the watch kiosk modern and attractive. The mall kiosk that matches your shop theme would be better.

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