High-End Watch Kiosk Retail Shop in the Mall

watch kioskWatch kiosk is seen in every shopping mall, it’s good to display and show watches well. There are many popular watch kiosks in the market, it’s very important to custom watch kiosk for business. It can express your company culture to the clients. Here is a high end watch kiosk sharing with you.

Location of watch kiosk

This watch kiosk fit for a location of 4m by 3m. You can use it as a retail watch shop in the shoping mall. It also fit for corner kiosk location or near the back wall. It is suitable for use in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Italy, USA Canada, Australia. Because we can use circuits and wires in your country.

watch display kiosk

Introduction of watch kiosk

Glass display counter

This watch kiosk have many glass display showcases on both sides. So clients can view watches well but can’t tougth without permision. Which is good to protect the watches from stolen.

With sloping display platforms in each glass counter, they can increase the display area and better present the watch to consumers. We can also store more watches under the counter for sale.

watch showcaseWall cabinet

We can see there is high wall cabinet at back side, that is good to show more watches here. The middle area has multiple colors and open cabinets, that decorate the kiosk. Near it is a wall to put up posters, that clients can see you from far away.

Ceiling and advertising

There is a big ceiling on the top of watch kiosk, we can attach brand logo here, spot light also hang here to increase brightness. 4 columns area has light box painting for adverting. People know new invention products from advertising. You can also remind them of hot sale watches to increase sales.

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