Roll ice cream kiosk is a very hot shop in the shopping center. Especially in hot weather, everyone likes to eat ice cream to get a cool feeling. It is a great time to rent a place and buy an ice cream kiosk to earn money. Here is a nice ice cream kiosk design. Hoping it will give you more ideas about kiosk decoration.

White roll ice cream kiosk in the mall

ice cream kiosk

Like most food kiosks, the roll ice cream kiosk has a working counter and service counter. However, we have to pay more attention to the kiosk decoration. A unique kiosk design can catch the eyes’ attention and bring more customers.

Color decoration

The main color of the ice cream kiosk is white. We can see the kiosk body has light red and blue striped decoration. This makes the ice cream kiosk look beautiful and high-end. Besides, we use a white lamp under the countertop and floor, which makes the ice cream booth outstanding. And people can find it easily.

Size introduction

The kiosk size is 3m by 2m, a very standard kiosk size in the shopping center.

bubble tea cabinet

Layout Information

As we can see on the front side, there is a long service counter with a POS system here for check out. Clients can wait in line to order ice cream and pay bills directly. The side has a curved display ceiling with lightbox posters. The frozen machine is put under the kiosk countertop here to make good use of space.

The right side and back side have a place for an ice cream machine. While the right side also has a curved ceiling in different directions. From the customer’s view, the backside looks the same as the front. The water sink is set in the corner for hand wash.

We also put the brand logo on 4 sides, so people can view it directly and remember us better. The ice cream kiosk has curved corners, it is not only for decoration but also protects clients from the heart. And under the kiosk counter has a locked cabinet for storage.

ice cream counter

Material show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Countertop: White marble stone

LOGO: a 3D hollow logo with light

Kicking material: Stainless steel with light strip

Other materials: Acrylic holder to support the back ceiling decoration, sliding rail and lock drawers, metal frame, etc.

We can also change the materials to fiberglass to get a good effect. When the mall manager has the required materials, we can also use them to meet demands.

ice cream booth

How to get the kiosk design?

First, discuss ice cream kiosk design with the designer. Especially when we don’t have a clear mind, the designer will give us good ideas.

Second, pay a design fee of 300 USD. Designer makes professional designs according to the requirements. It needs about 3-5 workdays to finish. And the money will be part of the total amount after the order.

Third, check the design drawing and confirm it as the final design. We can check the design drawing carefully. If there are no changes, it will be the final drawing. We can also submit it to the mall manager for approval. This step needs about 1-2 weeks, depends on the shopping center.

Finally, pay the half deposit and confirm the order. The payment term is 50% deposit before shipping and 50% balance before delivery. We will also receive a detailed drawing for confirmation. Produce also follow the drawing.

Installation details

The kiosk is complete in our factory. We will install it before shipping and turn on the light to show you how it looks like in real life. Then divided into several counters as plan for packing and shipping. When the owner receives the goods, just have to put them together and connect wires. It’s very easy to work with 2 people.

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