White Promenade and Elegant Barber Shop Kiosk in the Montreal Mall

With the development of society, people’s aesthetics are constantly changing. People like unique and trendy hairstyles, and it is easy to change different hairstyles according to mood. Due to the huge demand for hairdressing services, we can find barber shops easily in streets, shopping malls and other places. If you have superb barber skills, now is the best time to start business with a barber shop kiosk. No matter you own a large or small shop, I hope this unique hairdressing kiosk can help you.

Elegant barber shop kiosk for sale

This barber shop kiosk including 5 working area, on the back side is a long sofa for rest. There is a water sink in the side entarance, closed to it are locked cabinet. While protruding semicircle stand on the top of cabinets makes people know your business better. When enter the barber store, we first see the glass showcase. So it’s a good idea to put attractive items here for take away. Locked drawers on the bottom used to store items. In the back wall with brand logo, people can leave deep impression when pay bills here. The light boxes and posters on the outside are usually used for publicity, so you need to change to the latest hairstyle in time to make people feel refreshed.

  • Size: 8.5m by 3m. The barber kiosk size can customized to meet your location
  • Color: White and black
  • Main material: MDF
  • Finish material: Baking paint
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, hardware, light box, acrylic, etc.

Detailed information

hair cutting station barber kiosk barber shop furniture

From the design drawing, you can make full use of the space and view every part clealry. That’s why every owner need a 3D design drawing. Besides, you can view different layout, color, style easily in the picture. Do you use it as the basic barber shop decoration?

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