Recently, many people plan to open a hair cutting kiosk to earn money. I think it is a good idea to make money through the barber shop. Because people desire to be different, hairstyles can make them unique among the crowd. More and more people like to do styling regularly in order to catch up with fashion trends. When you make a business plan, you should rent a location in the mall and buy a customized hair cutting kiosk to start. Toady, I want to share a nice hair cutting kiosk with you.

How to order a unique hair cutting kiosk?

  • Confirm the size, color, layout for your barber shop. A suitable layout not only help you provide good service, but also makes your shop stand out. People first see the kiosk decoration, then experience the your service.
  • Make the design drawing follow on description. The new design takes 2-3 business days, but you should leave more time to confirm design. The drawing need 300usd design fee, it will refund after order.
  • Check the design and confirm order. When make the mall kiosk follow on the design drawing, you can receive the right kiosk to start. We should also take photos and videos to show you the process.

Real picture show

As we can see in the picture, this hair cutting kisok has 3 working station. That has mirrors and tool area on the top, while on the bottom are drawers for storage. In the entrance, ther is a high stand with brand logo. Next to it is a shampoo chair. Cashier counter is set in another entance, menu and glass showcase in the front. People can take away them conveniently.

The main color of kiosk is white and balck, which high level your barber shop. You can also put posters outer the kiosk and even play video advertising to attract customers. Do you like this hair cutting kiosk design?

barber shop booth hait cut kiosk styling station

You are welcome to discuss more information with us. If you want to see new designs, please contact us here. Thank you for reading.

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