White Food Kiosk & Crepe Counter to Sell Egg Tart

crepe kioskFast food kiosk and snack kiosk is good to start a business. You can use it to sell egg tart, crepe, cake, waffle, coffee, and so on. No matter what kinds of food you sell, this food kiosk can help you better. Today, I want to sell a nice food kiosk with you.

Crepe kiosk design

It needs a location of 12ft by 10ft. We can also adjust the size to meet the lease line. The color is white, looks pure and elegant. This crepe kiosk includes a cashier counter, lock cabinets, water sink, logo stand, poster stickers, etc. You can also put machines in a proper location.

food kiosk

waffle kiosk3D crepe kiosk booth

The entrance has a brand logo and a high wall to attach lightbox posters here. We can see the left side is a cashier counter. Next to it is a long display counter, crepe machines or coffee equipment can be set here. While the right side has a water sink, near it is a workbench with a refrigerator under the table.

Brand logo attaches to the food kiosk body. We can choose a hollow-out limous logo, acrylic logo, and stainless steel logo, and so on. There is transparent glass at the top to prevent clients from the work the table.

Material show

We can use MDF to build the crepe kiosk, the surface is high glossy baking paint. Other materials include tempered glass, stainless steel, sliding rail, etc.

Production photos show

food kiosk food kiosk  food kiosk

We can see the real effect on the brand sign photos. Clients can also see how it looks like in real life. We will also turn on the lights for confirmation. Once you think everything is ok, we can pack it and ship it out.

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