Crepe Coffee Kiosk Design Indoor Food Booth For Sale

If you want to start a business that can provide customers with afternoon tea and various small retail, but does not want to start in the form of a store, this kiosk is a good reference for you to start a new business.



This kiosk is a kiosk with a strong pastoral style. We can also see the entire highlight of the kiosk from the design of the topping structures. We designed it into a grille arc shape to allow it to transmit light. Therefore, This kiosk can only be used indoors in the mall, if you want to use it outdoors, we can redesign it according to your requirements.

The layout of the Kiosk is very simple. The counter in the back is the production area for food products. We have designed the sink and space for various equipment for your use. The counter in the front row is your cashier and product display area. In order to better display crepe products, we have reserved a space for you to show with transparent glass laminates, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also plays a decorative role.

The two sides of the kiosk use sitting areas, and all the stools are made of wood-colored high stools. Which is more in line with the overall style of the kiosk. The kiosk’s countertop and tabletop will be decorated with granite, with some stone embellishments in the white, making your kiosk more beautiful. The frame on the side is not just a few pillars, we also designed some simple patterns as decoration, the overall effect is better.


First, find a professional manufacturer to give them your requirements. And tell the designer about your needs and ideas to let them customize the display showcases suited your own shop. Then get the approval of a big shopping mall after getting your 3D design drawing. In the end, confirm your final design drawing and you will receive your kiosk.


If you worry about you couldn’t handle these, UNIQUE can provide you with one-stop services.

Please let us know what you want.

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