Dessert is very normal in our life, and there are many flavours you can choose. The desserts will make the people happy. On the other hand, dessert can also be used as breakfast. This can save our working time.

Next, I will introduce the dessert kiosk to you as a reference.


The front of the kiosk include the front counter and the back counter. The front of the counter has the logo and showcase. The middle of the counter has a display area which has three layers to display the goods. And each layer has a light strip. The left of the showcase is a logo which is made of the logo. The right of the showcase has the light box.

The back of the kiosk is a working counter with wall. The working counter has a door which can store the goods. The back wall  has some shelves which store and display your goods. And each case has a light strip to decorate the goods.


The main material of the kiosk is MDF,  the surface we use the baking paint and the veneer. And you can choose the color according to your requirements. Then we will match the color for you.

3D Design

The 3d design will show all of your needs and you will see the whole effect by the 3d design. You can tell us what style of the kiosk, layout, color, structure ann etc. Our designer will display these on the 3d design, then you will know the kiosk how look like.

Order Process

3D Design> Confirm the Destails which is 3D design and drawings> Production >Package> Shipping

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