Mini food stall 3x2m dessert kiosk beverages display fridge for sale

The original definition of a snack is a small food eaten in times of slight hunger, but now the meaning is not limited to that, any small and delicate food can be called a snack. Such as while drinking tea — small snacks, such as cakes, sweets, etc. that are eaten with tea. There are sweet desserts and so on.

This is a mini food stall 3x2m dessert kiosk beverages display fridge for sale. Let us check the design together to see if this one can fit your food business.



The main color of this dessert kiosk is bright yellow color. This color looks very vibrant and bright. The front side has a beverage display fridge and cashier counter area. Around the dessert kiosk is the frosted tempered glass to act as a sneeze guard.

Although the space of this dessert kiosk is not too big. It still can put some equipment machines for you to make the foods. You can put the coffee machine, juice machine and so on. Under the countertop, you can put the under-countertop fridge also. But before we make the design, please send us if you have the equipment list will be better for us to make the design fit your need.


For the material of this dessert kiosk, we can use MDF with yellow color baking paint. The pattern on the bottom we can use tile decoration should be great. Around the dessert kiosk with the warm white led strip light look very beautiful. The bottom has a stainless steel toe kick to avoid water and damage.

The glass is 8mm tempered glass – frosted glass. If you want clear tempered glass we also can make it. And the logo is 3D acrylic logo.

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