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With the fast development of society, it’s a great idea to open a watch shop to earn money. The watch shop has light decoration, display showcase, cashier counter, brand logo wall, etc. We can even put up posters on the wall to show new watches. A good location and unique watch store design attract clients and earn more customers. Here is a nice watch display counter sharing with you.

Introduction about watch store decoration

As people enter the watch shop, they can see the watch display counter with a glass cabinet in the center. It is good to watch people’s eyes and appeal to buy one. Near the display, the counter is a table with glass display cabinets. People can sit down and learn more about watches.

watch store design

We can see there are many display shelves on the all. The brand sign at the top ceiling, mainly to guide people to purchase suitable items. The Middle area has a glass cabinet, which has a shelf and light inside. It mainly to place more watches in a good way. We can also put up posters here to express different effects. While the bottom area has many cabinets and drawers for storage.

Layout and color decoration

When we open a watch shop, we should think of the whole store layout and decoration. And arrange furniture in a good way to showcase items. So, it’s better to make a 3D design drawing. We can see how the furniture looks like and how it helps with the business.

The main color is white and black. It high level the watch shop and makes watches luxurious. The countertop is yellow in color, which is standing out from the black and white color. We can even change to the same color as you want.

watch cabinet

Size introduction

This watch shop furniture suits for small location. Such as 20 square meters or 6m by 4m watch stores. We should measure it before decoration and purchase a watch display showcase. Usually, the landlord will provide a floor plan. We can arrange counters in advance to save space and money.

Material show

Main material: MDF

Finish decoration: Baking paint

Showcase: 8mm tempered glass

Other materials: Spotlight, stainless steel, acrylic, hardware, etc.

We should choose good materials to build the watch display counter. So that the shop furniture can have a good effect and can use for many years. It’s better to choose the material that meets social requirements to get the shop and open it display showcase

How to get the watch display cabinet?

First, we should let the manufacturer know decoration ideas. This is a very important step, as you have a unique design idea.

Second, make a 3D design drawing to show the real effect. The part is finished by a professional design team. As they can show our mind directly in design pictures. 3D design service charges about 500usd to 1000usd depends on shop size. Design time needs about 3-7 work days.

Third, check and confirm it as the final deisgn.  We should check the design picture carefully. If we have new ideas, please raise up before order. Designers will modify it better.

watch store design

How to manufacturer the watch furniture?

The workers first prepare materials and cut them according to plan. The second step is to consist of them and finish the wood body. Third, attach the finish decoration. Later, we can see how the watch display showcase looks like in this step. Finally, we should assembly glasses and wires. Lock cabinet and drawers also finish in this step. The whole produce work needs about 26-30 working days, depends on how many counters you want.

Package details:

Before shipping, we can package the goods well for sea shipping. The inside package is bubble foam to protect the counter. Outside is a wood box to cover well. We can also note numbers on the package box, so you can know each counter directly.

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