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If you plan to start your jewelry business in mall. And have already got the mall space. It is necessary to find professional jewelry store furniture manufacturer . . To help you complete the project step by step. People are often attracted to beautiful things, so a stylish and attractive design can bring you more new customers. And the mall center will also ask you to submit a design for approval. So it is necessary to make a design.

Elegant Jewelry Shop Display Layout

The colors of this jewelry store are mainly light blue and white. It looks elegant and stylish. It is square and has a top, we made this design according to the customer’s favorite style and added some new ideas. Three pillars are used as supports to make the jewelry store stronger and stable. Added some decorations on the pillars so that it won’t make people feel monotonous. We saw that this has small wall stand, which not only beautifies the store, but also serves as support. Add posters and logos on it to make the store more perfect.

Let us notice different styles of floors, we we are custom factory, we can customize the floor according to your size and needs. We can provide flooring of different sizes and styles.It’s all based on what you want. Adding the logo on the top can give people good impression. This is non-luminous acrylic logo. We can make logos in other styles. Such as acrylic luminous logo, hollow logo and light strip, etc. After we make design, you can tell me that you need to shine or not, so that we can send you the previous logo design for your reference and you can make better choices.

Some real production drawings

We have our own factory and skilled workers. The workers are produced in full accordance with 3D design and construction drawings. And it’s handmade, so the quality is guaranteed. These are some production pictures of the jewelry display store, we will build the wooden body first and polish it, and then paint it. Step by step according to the construction drawings to complete the production. If you need, we can send you production pictures and videos. Let you know our production process, so that you can rest assured.

We are professional jewelry display shop manufacturer and have design team. We can give you exquisite designs, competitive prices and high-quality products. From design to delivery, we will complete it step by step based on your needs. If you already have unique design ideas, you can tell us and our designers will help you create new 3D design and make it better and eye-catching.

Design process

We are mainly doing customization and everyone has different ideas, so we do not have the same design, different sizes and different layouts, so we recommend making a new 3D design first based on your requirements. Before designing, we need to charge 300-500 US dollars as design deposit, the exact deposit depends on the store size. We will deduct it from the order price, and we will be responsible for your design, please don’t worry.

Our design time is 2 working days, which is allowed to be modified to ensure that the design meets your requirements. When you confirm the final design, you can submit it to the mall for approval. If the mall center has requirements for the design, we can modify the design according to the mall requirements to help you get the pass as soon as possible. And move to production.

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