Dark Watch Shop Furniture Design Unique Watch Display Cabinet

Are you looking for dark watch shop furniture? When opening a watch store, nearly every shop owner wants a wonderful and attractive shop design. As it makes the watch shop standing out and can catch people’s eyes immediately. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to make a watch shop design and add special requirements to it. Here is a nice dark watch shop design sharing with you.

Watch shop furniture decoration idea

Unique decoration idea makes the watch store different. And it can also good to display watch products and also good for customers to walk around to purchase. Besides, they can sit down and gain better service from the owner.

watch fixture

Layout decoration

This watch display shop is more like a showroom than a street store. As we can see there is much space in the shop center, which allows more clients to purchase watches at the same time.

There are large glass watch display cabinets on the wall with a light lamp. It shows watches in a good way. We can also categorize different types of watches and use different series names to distinguish them for customers to choose from. For example, ordinary watch area, customized watch area, high-end watch area. The bottom has locked cabinets, we can restore more watches here for sale.

We can see there is as much as a seating table with chairs. When people need help, they can sit down and consult the salesperson. There are two single display showcases to the column, which decorates the column well and increases the showcase area.

A large reception desk at the entrance, which is used to receive customers and pay bills. Behind it is a large brand logo with the light on.

Watch Display Cabinet

Material show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Light strip, tempered glass, stainless steel, metal, etc.

Color introduction:

The main color of the watch shop is dark. It makes people’s watches very high-end, and can also upgrade the store’s grade. And, it can better convey the brand concept and company culture to consumers.

Size introduction

It is a very large shop about 100 square meters. It’s good for big brands and large business plans. When renting the shop, we have to measure the shop and make a floor plan. It’s better to arrange watch counters in a good place.

How to make the watch display cabinet?

watch store designAs for the customized watch display counter, we have to think about the shop decoration twice. It’s better to discuss ideas with a professional design team because they can give us good suggestions. And even make a 3D design to show how the watch display cabinet looks like finally.

Design drawings usually take about 3-7 working days. We can check if it is correct. We can change the color of the store and the shape of the furniture to get the perfect solution. The whole service needs 500usd to 1000usd, it will deduct from the total amount after placing the order.

How to installation the watch furniture?

Since it is watch shop furniture, the watch display cabinet is made individually. So it is good to deliver by container. The watch display cabinet is following the design drawing. And workers will finish and test in the workshop to make sure they work correctly. They will also write counter numbers on the package boxes. When receiving the goods, just put them in the correct location and connection electronic supply. If the owner won’t know how to install the goods in the right place, we should also provide after-sale service soon.

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