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Watch store furniture is very important for a street shop. It showcases watches in a good way and also attracts people to purchase. The watch store furniture has better match the brand theme and store decoration. Since you are looking for a luxurious and beautiful watch display counter, these ideas will help you.

Watch Store Furniture Decoration

The watch store furniture usually has different designs and sizes. Such as wall display shelves, glass display counter, wall cabinets, lock drawers, cashier counter, repair desk, brand logo wall, etc. We should also add ceiling lights and posters to decorate the store. This can also make the store look non-monotonous.

Choose a suitable color to start

Color gives a different feeling to customers. This watch store design mainly uses dark brown and dark brown colors. Its high level the whole shop and also make the watch outstanding. This color system is usually used in brand shops or high-end watch shops. So, we have to think about the target person first, then choose a color to start.

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Find a good place for a watch display counter

For businesses, the placement of furniture is very important. It is not only used to display watches, but also a place where customers choose watches directly. And for staff to introduce professional knowledge to customers. So we have to make a layout plan to make good use of the place.

For small shops like 5m by 4m, we can put wall shelves on both sides. It’s a good place to put up posters and restore high-value items. Rectangular glass display cabinets stand in front of them to showcase watches. Clients can watch it directly and pick it up easily. While the repair and consult table is set on the right side, people can sit down and discuss details with the owner.

Please don’t ignore the window display. It shows watches for outside clients. Many people enter the shop and buy watches because of the sale window items. We can put promoting products, best-selling watches, and even brand logos here.

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Use good material to build it

Good materials can make the display cabinet have a good effect. It also gives high quality of watch store furniture. So we should pay more attention to choose good material instead of low price only.

The main material is plywood with a natural wood finish. It is a very popular finish for high-end watch shop furniture. Solid wood is also regarded as an environmentally friendly material. We use 8mm clear tempered glass to make the display counter, as it is clear to showcase watches. Besides, it is an open backside, which protects items from stolen. Other materials include stainless steel logo, metal frame with panting, lightbox painting, and light strip. We can also choose the material as you want to make the watch store furniture.

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How to get the watch shop design

We can find a professional deisgn team to help us complete this part. As they are good at shop furniture craft and construction. I am sure that they can give us a perfect watch shop design to start. However, we should measure the shop size first and tell them all our requirements. Design service usually needs about 500usd, will deduct from the total amount. And design time is 3-5 days. We can make small changes to make it better.

How to manufacture the watch shop furniture?

The watch shop furniture is built in the workshop. Workers will first prepare materials and make a production plan for the counter. So, we can finally see the real effect of the watch display counter. Then put them together and connect wires before using them. The whole produce work needs about 28-30 workdays, depends on how many counters you order.

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