Golden Jewelry Display Showcase NZ Jewellers Store Design

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Do you want a luxury jewelry display showcase for a jewelry shop? Here, I want to share a nice jewelry shop furniture with you. It looks good and very convenient to showcase jewelers. Let’s learn more information together. We can also use the decoration and choose a jewelry display showcase for our shops.

Golden jewelry display showcase design

Layout decoration

From the top view of the whole store, we can see there is a jewelry display showcase on both sides. They consist of a large L, which is good to show the jewelry products. The is a U shape display counter in the shop center near the entrance. A high golden hollow divider stands facing the door, everyone can see it when entering the shop.

There are different styles of wall shelves in this shop. It not only shows that the shop furniture is full of changes but also can display different jewelry products to attract attention.

jewelry display counter

Color decoration

The main color is golden, white, and natural wood. Which reflects the products and brand theme well. We can see the shop font is solid wood finish with golden metal frame decoration. There is a large brand logo sign on the shop top with golden luminous stainless steel.

We can see the jewelry display showcase has a solid wood body. While the middle area is black decoration and the top is white glass cabinets. The glass display counter has different levels for different kinds of products.

The back wall has a large brand logo with metal lattice decoration. Two posters on both sideshow new jewelry products. The wall shelf and wall cabinet have a white lamp to showcase jewelry in a good way.

jewelry display stand

More information:

Size: 120 square meters or another size match to your shop

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood, laminate, etc.

Decorate material: Golden metal decoration, floor light, etc.

Logo: Stainless steel

Design time: 3-5 business days

Produce time: 28-35 business days

How to get the jewelry shop design?

jewelry showcase

We first discuss and confirm requirements. It’s better to share a floor plan with a layout. So we can understand each other better. Second, create a 3D design with details. It’s necessary to make a 3D design, as we can see how it matches our demands. Besides, we can also arrange the furniture in the right place. If there is somewhere not good enough, we can modify it perfectly. Third, submit the drawing to the landlord and partners. This step also very important, as it can help you sign the contract and start business earlier. Finally, make the construction drawing. The construction drawing show how the jewelry display cabinet is built. It also uses as an installation guide when receiving the goods. We recommend leaving a month to confirm the design and get approval. In case we want to modify and view different styles, then choose one from them.

How to produce the jewelry display showcase?

The designer marked the cabinet number and production details on the construction drawings. When in production, we only need to make it according to the serial number. Generally, it is made by the sequence and steps.

  1. Prepare the materials and cut the planks according to the counter size.
  2. Assemble the wooden cabinet and polish the surface smoothly.
  3. Do the surface treatment. In this step, whether the counter is beautiful or not, the workers usually pay great attention to details and strive for perfection.
  4. Install glass, lights, sockets, and cabinet doors. We can see the real jewelry display showcase then.

Before shipment, all jewelry display cabinets are in accordance with the construction drawings. And in the exhibition hall for testing and display. The workers will test all the lights, sockets, and cabinet doors to work normally, and take photos or videos to confirm. Then remove the dust and glue from the display cabinet.

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