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In recent years, the outdoor kiosk is a good business idea. Because it does not require much start-up capital, nor needs a complex approval process. The only thing is to get the approval of the government and fire department. If you sell food, don’t forget to get a sanitary permit. Bellow is a fast-food kiosk sharing with you. Today, I want to share a unique street food kiosk with you.

Features of the ice cream kiosk

The outdoor kiosk can stand still in changeable weather because it uses rainproof and fireproof material to build. Street food kiosk also has a sales window, which is convenient for your business. Lock doors can protect your things at night. The main tone of the ice cream kiosk is white and metal color, which makes your ice cream kiosk outstanding.

ice cream kioskDescription of street food kiosk

As we can see in the design, the front side has a display cabinet in the middle area. You can sell cakes and donuts to increase sales. The lightbox menu attaches to the middle column. Behind it an use to hang paper cups for ice cream. People pick up food from the right counter. While the left hand has machines for usage.

The backside is usually used to place machines for work. Brand signs, lightbox paintings can attach here. Luminous front logo, ceiling light attracts eyes attention.

 street food kioskDetails information

This outdoor kiosk has sales windows open on 3 sides. That is good to sell products. We can see there is a plate open outside, that is supported by hydraulic. Which is convenient for clients to use and also keeps people away from the work table. Besides, you can close the windows by tidying up the boards.

Stickers are fulfilled by the kiosk body. No matter where people come from, he can see your store and interesting promotional ads. If you have any new ideas, just contact us. We can add to your outdoor food kiosk.

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