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outdoor coffee shop

In recent years, outdoor coffee shops become popular. Because it creates a warm atmosphere and makes people feel relaxed. If you plan to open a coffee shop outside, this cafe shop can help you well. As it is not only for work better but also good to serving clients.

Description of coffee shop furniture

We can divide this coffee shop into 3 parts, the backside has a kitchen room for preparing food and coffee. While the middle area is a large hall with a dining table and seats. There is a large tree between the service counter and the seating area. In the front of the coffee shop are dining tables and chairs, allowing more clients to sit down here.

cafe store furniture

The layout of the coffee shop

As we can see there is a U shape counter in the kitchen room. It has a white counter table and mainly uses stainless steel to build. The water sink, the refrigerator is set here for usage. We leave a door as a safe exit on the right side.

Glass display showcase set near the cashier counter, clients can order food directly. Outter area has a solid wood counter with bar chairs, people can sit down here and enjoy coffee

There is a large tree decoration in the center, it faces the entrance. So that client can see it at the first sight and gives people a good spirit.

coffee kiosk

Material effect

This outdoor coffee kiosk mainly uses a metal tube, hollow metal decorations, and tempered glass decorations. Inside counter mainly use 304 stainless steel to build, which is food grade and easy to clean. It can also use for a longer time, a wood counter body with a stone top, that high level your shop theme.

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