Outdoor food booth street snack kiosk customize for you

Each area will have its own local specialties and a lot of street food. When people travel to a place, the first thing is to eat the local food.

If you want to start a fast food business, no matter in outdoor or indoor, we can make a food kiosk to fit your need. In this article, we will introduce an outdoor food booth street snack kiosk design to you. 



This fast food kiosk can use for the outdoor to sell snacks, beverages, coffee, and other foods. The top of the outdoor food kiosk has a V shape metal top to block sunshine and rain. It has a big lighted logo hanging on the top and on the other two sides hanging the lighted box and menu.

Inside the space is for the staff to make the food. On the countertop of the inside space, you can put the equipment machine as you need. If you have the big fridge that cannot put on the countertop, please let us know in advance. We can leave the space for you when we make the outdoor food booth design.


The two sides of the outdoor snack kiosk both have a bar area for the customer to sit and have food. The back side of the outdoor food booth has a blackboard. You can write the price list here then the customer can order what they want. Easy to change the price list and convenient for your customer to choose the food.



If you want to start an outdoor food business, first need to find a location and get the size of it. Our designer will create a new outdoor food kiosk according to your location size.

Please let us know the food you will sell and better to have the equipment list. Both can help us to make the design to fit your need.

We will work out the 3d snack food booth in 3-5 working days and then you can check it and let us know your idea.

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