Useful Smoothie Booth and Beauty Juice Kiosk to Miami

A juice kiosk is a good idea to earn money in the shopping center. Fresh juice view as a healthy beverage, becoming popular among people. Today, I want to share a nice fresh juice kiosk with you. It is good to sell smoothies, bubble tea, coffee, frozen yogurt, crepes, etc. This fresh juice kiosk is ship to Miami. Let’s view more details together.

Story to get the juice kiosk

In the beginning, the owner sends us a picture and asks us whether we can do a similar kiosk for her. Without hesitation, we tell her that we can custom made mall food kiosk and add her brand name to the kiosk. She feels happy to deal with us. According to her description, she needs a display fridge, working table, and seating area for customers. We sort out her ideas and let the designer make a new 3D model. In 3 days, we sent here the juice kiosk design for confirmation. She likes it very much but wants to view another style. So our designer makes small changes soon. Then we make a deal and confirm it as the final kiosk design.

Useful juice kiosk in the mall

Every food kiosk is different in the shopping center. So before custom made the juice kiosk, we should arrange the working area and display showcase in a good location. If you are the first time to access the fresh fruit business, this kiosk design may give you some ideas.

Layout introduction

This juice kiosk size is 5m by 3m. A front side is a display machine and a cake machine. A cash counter in the middle to check bills and a menu stands to guide people to order.

Besides, the entrance on the left side closed to the middle counter. Where used to place fresh fruit and ready juice for taken away. The entrance also has advertising sand to place posters or video players. Stainless steel water sink set behind it. You can also prepare a water system if the shopping center doesn’t provide water for the kiosk.

The backside is a working bench and seating table with chairs. There is a glass plate in the middle, just like a visual kitchen, customers can see how the juice is made. Two sides have a curved panel for posters and logos.

Color decoration

This juice kiosk has a solid wood surface decoration. Which reminds people of the freshness of juice and feels close to nature. The most important thing is that the wood is very safe and food grade. The counter also in black color, but white laminate attracts people’s eyes in this food kiosk.

Material show

Main material: Plywood or MDF

Surface material: Solid wood, laminate or wood veneer, etc.

Kicking: Stainless steel

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Accessories: Lightbox poster, light lamp, hardware, etc.

Popular questions about the food kiosk?

How to design the smoothies booth?

We should first sort out the decoration ideas and find a professional design to show them in a 3D model. It’s better to make a layout plan for a smoothie kiosk, so they will know your requirements directly. A new 3D model needs about 3 days to finish, but we recommend leaving more time to confirm the design.

How to manufacture it?

This smoothie kiosk will complete built in our factory, and will also take pictures for your confirmation. The first step is to make a wood body according to the size. The second step is to make a laminate finish. The workers focus on the details and you can see the real looks in this step. Finally is to install wires and light. The cabinet door and brand logo also finish in this step.

How to assembly it?

The whole smoothie kiosk will be divided into several counters as drawings. So when you receive the goods, just put these counters together and connect wires to the electronics. It’s very easy. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to tell us. Thank you

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