Fashion Style Juice Bar Kiosk Bubble Tea Counter For Sale

“Juiced Life” is a famous juice brand in Australia. Our company made many juice kiosks and shop furniture for them. We have a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with “Juiced Life” company. We customize the juice kiosk with the customer’s logo and all of their requirements. Meanwhile, we do unique and customize designs for our customers.

People drink fruit juice mostly because they feel that it is nutritious and delicious. Many people think that fruit juice can replace the fruit. Drinking fruit juice can supplement the nutrients in fruit (such as vitamin C). Especially children who don’t like fruit should drink more, or even completely replace drinking water. But fruit juice cannot completely replace the fruit.

Juiced Life Kiosk Design Concept:

The size of this juice kiosk is 6600x3800mm. And you can see on the 3d design it has 2 parts. It has some display fridges on the front for the foods. The customer can see what you sell and choose what they want. A small area for the cashier counter can fit 2 computers. For the big freezer, we make 2 sides of the wall to cover the freezer. On the surface of the wall, we make it with 2 advertising TVs. Also, the kiosk has a bar counter for customers to have food.



We can put the customer’s logo on the juice kiosk. The logo we can make it 3d acrylic lighted logo. For the material, the basic material is MDF and plywood. The surface finishing is laminate, baking paint, stainless steel, mosaic tiles, countertop man-made stone. Another part of the kitchen area, all stainless steel countertop with mosaic tiles wall. For the sink, we can offer you the hand sink and three-compartment sink, all stainless steel, and very good quality.




Customize juice kiosk design:

First, please tell us the size you want, the color you like, the style you want. Then we will according to your ideas to make a customized design. If you have any comments about our juice kiosk, we will change the design until you are satisfied with it.

About the customize 3d design service, we will charge a 300USD design deposit. This design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order so in fact, it is for free. We will do our best to help you to get approval from the shopping mall.
















About the price of the juice kiosk:

Because our kiosk all customize as the customer’s requirements. And each customer has their own requirements, they require different size, different logo and different materials etc. So our price will be based on the final design. But we for sure we will offer the best price and quality for you. 

We are a customized factory located in Shenzhen, China over ten years. Our price is the factory price, we use the best materials and the best customer service. Our company has our own design team, we will try our best to meet all your requirements.

About the installation of the juice kiosk:

Before we do the packing, we will install the whole kiosk in our factory. And we will light up the kiosk and take the photos and videos for you to check everything well.

For the installation of the juice kiosk, we will divide the whole kiosk into a few parts. We will mark the number on the wooden package. Please put them together according to the floor plan after you open the package. And then please connect the male and female connectors together into the shopping mall power supply. Then the kiosk will work. 










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