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Drink and food kiosks have become popular in the shopping center. Many people want to sit down and have a drink. As for me, I am always attracted by the beautiful juice kiosk. And I can’t refuse to buy things in a shop with novel decorations. Therefore, before we open the food shop, please pay more attention to the shop decoration. Which can help you win more clients. Today, I want to introduce a nice juice kiosk sharing with you. Hope you can choose it as the basic design.

juice kiosk

Light blue and white food kiosk design

The shape of this showcase is a trapezoid. Long at the back, narrow at the front. The background color is white, the decoration color is light blue and white stone working counter. It gives us a fresh and clean feeling and matches the product’s juice. This juice kiosk also has floor light, which looks better and attracts people from distance.

Layout introduction

We can see the front side has a checkout counter in the middle area. On both sides of which are counters with cabinet doors. You can use it to store cups or other items. The left side of the food kiosk is a long table with chairs that match full kiosk length. Clients can meet with friends and enjoy drinks. Under the counter also has locked cabinets. 

Let’s see the backside, there is a ceiling holder with a brand sign in the middle. It is also a good place to hang posters and video player here. While the counter table is a good place to place machines and working. Two stainless steel sink with a water tap near the entrance door. And another side is a lower counter for the waffle machine. So you can sell not only juice but also waffle, coffee, smoothie, etc. together to earn more money.

juice boothDetail introduction

The brand sign is very important for a food kiosk. It can remind people of our good service and taste. And it is a sign of brand culture. We can put the brand name in front of the checkout counter and also attach it to the back wall facing to public. When it has backlit, your kiosk is very special in the shopping center.

We can also see the frosted glass surrounded the working table. It protects people from working place to avoid damage. Besides, people can’t see the machine directly from outside. The frosted glass becomes more and more popular recently. Which is accepted by a shopping center and shop owner, as it is strong and privacy to use.

Another thing I want to mention is posters and menu. Lightbox painting shows delicious food directly, and it also guides people to choose their favorite juice. And the menu shows all the items with prices directly. Before opening, please find a professional designer to make a menu and advertising posters. You can even prepare them in different styles, so you can replace them regularly to keep them fresh.

juice cabinet

Material description

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Countertop: Marple stone, man-made stone, etc.

Glass: 8mm frosted glass

Kicking: Stainless steel

Light: Spotlight, light lamp, etc.

LOGO: Acrylic logo, luminous logo, hollow logo, Stainless steel logo, etc.

How to get manufacture the juice kiosk?

First, prepare materials. We should prepare materials to make the kiosk. Second, cut wood panel according to the drawing. Our workers bind the boards together. This step needs about 7-12 days and we can see the wood bodies directly. Third, make surface treatment. For this baking paint juice kiosk, we should paint it more than 5 times. After the paint dries, repeat the spraying. This process usually takes 10 days. Finally, assembly the light and doors. All the steps will finish in this step and we can see a complete food kiosk the same as the design shows.

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