Are you going to open a roast store in the street? With the fast development of society, it’s a good idea to open a barbecue shop in the street. Before open an outdoor food kiosk, you should make a design first. And add your own thoughts to the kiosk, you can have a unique shop decoration to start business. Today, I want to share a useful outdoor roast store with you and hope it can help you better.

Customized roast store furniture for sale

When we receive the inquiry about the outdoor kiosk. We confirm the design idea of this roast shop decoration with my customer. As first, she told us that she has a design team to make the shop design. So, when they finish the idea and floor plan, we make this 3D design base on the plan. She even don’t know what style, color is good for her roast shop. Therefore, our designer make this store follow on the description. Let’s view the real looks together.

There are sitting area in the front side, consumer can sit here and enjoy their food. Reception counter with drink machine for better use. Light box painting and menu hang on the top ceiling. The main material is Plywood with solid wood decoration. The counter top use stone for high light the store. It also includes storage area, a big kicthen room, meeting room and manager room. Table with chairs outside for taken meals.

Some real pictures of roast shop

food design outdoor food counter retail store furniture fast food shop

From the picture, you can view every part directly. And place machines in the right place for better usage. You can also hang on posters, decorations inside the wall for decoration and makes your store elegant. A new design of roast store follow on your ideas need about 3 days and production takes about 30-35 days.

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