USA jewelry store furniture high-end glass display showcase for sale

Jewelry is one of the hot sale luxury products. In China, when people plan to marry, the bridegroom needs to buy gold ornaments for the bride. People can find jewelry stores everywhere. It is a high profit business that can bring you a lot of money. But also because of the high product value, the new businessman needs to prepare enough budget to have a start.

We can make the jewelry store design according to your budget. This is a USA jewelry store furniture high-end glass display showcase for sale. Actually, it is for a tattoo shop but uses our jewelry shop design.



This shop design is a simple style but with the lighting effect, the showcase looks very high-end and attractive. On the right side of this shop, it has a feature wall with lighted acrylic and 3d lighted logo. And on the front of the feature wall is a cashier area.
The middle of the shop is a display area with glass display showcase. On the top is the tempered glass with the led strip light and on the stainless steel toe kick has the led strip light also. Below the glass display area is the storage cabinet.




Usually, before we start a design, we need the shop size or floor plan of your shop. Please feel free to discuss your requirement with our team. We will submit it to our design team and make a new 3d shop design for you.

Our design team will make a whole 3d shop design for you including the ceiling, flooring, wall decoration and store furniture. You can check the 3d shop design and modify it according to your need. The exact design fee depends on your shop size.

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