Solid wood jewelry display stand luxury store furniture for airport

Jewelry stores require a high-end and attractive design. Jewelry store design space display layout directly affects the quality of sales, 40% of the factor lies in the jewelry store space display. A good jewelry display case can perfectly display the style characteristics and style advantages of jewelry products.

So that consumers can see the style characteristics of jewelry products well, and generate the impulse to buy. So we say that a good jewelry store decoration style is a further symbol of success.



Here is a solid wood jewelry display stand luxury store furniture for airport from our design team. Let us take a look together and we will introduce the details to you. You can take this design for reference to design your own jewelry shop if you prefer this shop style.

This is a high-end jewelry store design we designed according to our customer’s shop size. The material we use for this jewelry store is solid wood with tempered glass. On the top of the glass display stand, we install the led strip light to light up the jewelry products. So that the led lights can let the jewelry products look more attractive and compelling.

The lights of this jewelry store all use warm white color to let the customer feel very comfortable. Lighting is one of the important factors in a jewelry store design.


Our design team can make a new jewelry store design according to your shop size and your layout. If you don’t have a layout please just need to send us your shop size. Our designer will arrange the layout for you and make the display showcase design.

In the 3d design, you can see the whole effect of the jewelry store. This is usually the first step to start the project. This step is very important and necessary.

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