Luxury stainless steel shop fittings with LED gold jewelry store design

The decoration of jewelry stores is very elegant. The design and discharge of jewelry counters should have high artistic beauty. It is not only necessary to make the store resplendent, but also to make the jewelry more luxurious and classy. Therefore, jewelers must work hard in the decoration of jewelry stores.

Customers have a sense of freedom and relaxation in the store, this decoration effect also brings significant profits to the store. This is a luxury stainless steel shop fittings with LED gold jewelry store design. Let us check if you like this shop style and for you to get some ideas for the jewelry store design.



The decoration of the jewelry store includes the decoration of the top of the jewelry store. The decoration of the jewelry store ground and the decoration of the jewelry store wall. As long as the three are in harmony, the decoration of the jewelry store is a success.

The perfect combination of the three can give you beautiful visual enjoyment, as well as spatial enjoyment. When decorating a jewelry store, the combination of the three will create an attractive shopping environment, which can stimulate people’s consumption and promote the improvement of the performance of the jewelry store.


This is a luxury jewelry store with gold color stainless steel and white color. A small cashier counter with white led strip light very beautiful and gold color stainless steel logo on the front. Against the wall has the wall display cabinet with wooden display shelf and below is a storage cabinet.

In the middle of the jewelry store also have some jewelry display stands which can display some hot sale jewelry. All the store furniture we can customize to fit your shop size.

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