High-end jewelry shop design gold stainless steel display stand

Nowadays, jewelry is favored by people, especially young people. More and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous areas of the city. Jewelry store decoration is different from other store decorations. Jewelry is a valuable commodity with a small shape.

Meanwhile, jewelry is a commodity that shows the trend of The Times. The premise of the store design is to master the trend of The Times. Good store design, not only beautify the appearance of the city but also leaves a good impression on consumers, which is conducive to consumers to remember the store.



The design of the jewelry store is important and very necessary to pay more attention to it. For the color of the jewelry store display showcase, we can use gold stainless steel with black or white.

Look at the 3d design of this jewelry shop, the material is gold stainless steel with white color baking paint. The cover on the top is 8mm tempered glass with a gold stainless steel edge. We will install the led strip light on the top of each jewelry display cabinet.



Find a location – The first step to starting a jewelry shop need to find a good shop location. You can get the floor plan or the shop size from the landlord and send it to us.

Discuss the details – Please welcome to contact us for your requirement of the jewelry shop.

For example, the shop style you want, the material, the jewelry interior design and so on.

Make a 3D store design – After we get some ideas from you, we will start to make the 3d design of the jewelry shop. It will charge a 500-1000USD design deposit.

50-80 square meters – 500$

80-150 square meters – 800$

150-200 square meters – 1000$

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