Blue Color Jewelry Store Furniture Famous Booth Design for Sale

jewelry kiosk

Are you looking for a jewelry store display? The jewelry shop furniture includes wall cabinets, center display counter, brand signage, advertising area, etc. Jewelry shop furniture layout and location make your jewelry shop looks different. Today, I want to share a beautiful jewelry store design with you.

Introduction of jewelry store furniture

Before opening a jewelry shop, it’s very important to make a layout plan. You can arrange all the counters in a suitable area, then make a 3D design accordingly. So that you can see the real jewelry shop effect directly.

jewelry boothDisplay counters

We can see there are glass display counters line at two sides. It has brilliant white light to show jewelry products so that clients can view them well. All the glass showcase has glass doors open from the inside, which can protect items from being stolen. The bottom base can add lock cabinets at the bottom, jewelry boxes can place here.

jewelry store designWall cabinets

Wall cabinets with decoration are very important for a jewelry shop. It can make open shelving with lighting. Wall-mounted cabinets are also a good way to show jewelry sets.

jewelry boothCenter display

We can see there are large round display kiosks in the center. Clients can view the products when entering your shop. Hot sale products and attractive jewelry can place here to improve sales.

Service area

The service area includes a reception counter, awaiting sofa with tables. Clients can sit down here to relax and work with staff. It’s a good idea to set a large brand logo wall here so that clients can leave a deep impression on you.

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