looking for clothing retail stands for your business? We offer the finest sports clothing kiosk design and retail stands for sale

Unique free design factory made sports clothes kiosk

Do you like doing sports and how often you will do the exercise? here share some importance of doing the exercise.

1. Exercise is the key to the heart, lift lies in sports. Exercise makes our life energetic, comfortable and away from disease ,healthy and longevity.

2. Exercise is inseparable from us. Life is in exercise, exercise can strengthen our physical fitness; exercise enables us to maintain a slim body.

3. Besides exercise can increase our endurance; exercise can make us open-minded; exercise can make us energetic; exercise can make us look good; It can make us full of perseverance; it can make us face life with ease.

Since sports have so many good benefits that has encouraged a growing number of investors to open the sports clothes display showcase.


Blow design is one of our USA customers sports mall kiosk shop design by our designers.If you have any plan to open some similar this shop you can contact with us at any time

Basic information of this sports clothes kiosk :

  • Size : 10*10 ft  and we accept custom size based on your request
  • Color: white,grey and purple
  • Material : MDF with high gloss baking paint ,3D acrylic logo
  • Accessories: hardware, led strip, spot lights,wires, sockets and shelf and boards and so on.


If you plan and want to open your own sports clothes kiosk  how to cooperate with us :

  • contact us , tell us your requirements ( kiosk size , layout , color ,logo etc)
  • pay $300 for 3d design . our designer start design for u .
  • discuss and modify design to meet mall request .
  • finalize design and quote price.
  • agree with price and pay 50% deposit before production .
  • pay balance before shipment .
  • contact us if need after-sale service.
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