Fashion accessories kiosk shopping mall retail display booth design

Clearlyclothes and accessories are powerful symbols in the workplace. So yes, the right accessories can really improve a person’s temperament. You can start this kind of business in the shopping mall to sell retail accessories, for example, ties, hair accessories, scarf and so on.

This is a fashion accessories kiosk shopping mall retail display booth design for your reference. You can check the design and how we make it fit your business. Let us have a look at the design together.



The size of this fashion accessories kiosk shopping mall retail display booth design is 3x3m. 3x3m is the standard size of the mall kiosk and if you want other sizes also no problem. The size is adjustable according to your location size.

For the display area of this fashion accessories kiosk, it is a board with holes to hang on the ties and scarf. The bottom of the display area is the storage drawers, a very functional design.



The fashion accessories kiosk includes all the logo, lighted box, led strip light, wires and sockets. If you want the advertising TV not the lighted box, we can also offer to you and install it on the kiosk. When you receive the retail accessories kiosk, put your product on the kiosk then you can use it directly.



We will install a whole kiosk in our factory and send the picture and video for the customer to confirm everything. Then we will divide this kiosk into a few parts. When you receive it, just need to open all of them and connect them together to your local power supply then it will work. You need an electrician or 2-3 people is enough.

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