When you walked into a shopping center or street, we can see there have many different types of clothing store. it can for Men’s wear, women’s wear, women’s underwear, children’s wear and more. Nowadays, an Innovative clothing service is gradually integrated into our life. Well received by consumers. it’s T-shirt printing.

Why T-shirt printing service is so popular and hot sale? the most important is we can choose the T-shirt surface printing things. the mean is printing different images on the T-shirt. the images depend on you. Can make it special.

Today In this article the one what I wanna share is a very popular T-shirt printing kiosk for your meet.

As you see the Clothes kiosk mainly tone is white, the total is 3m by 3m,  the left sides are glass display shelves. the right side is a Hangers show. the back sides are many pictures sample for customer choose. the whole kiosk inside with a wooden counter with cabinet. the countertop is a cashier and printing machine.bottom is some cabinet for storage. 

clothes kiosk


Basic information about this T-shirt kiosk. 

  • Size: 33000X3000mm.
  • Color:  white.
  • Material:  MDF+baking painting finished.
  • Design: 3D max and CAD drawings.
  • Service: T-shirt printing.
  • Accessories: acrylic letter, tempered glass.
  • Price: 7200usd (100% customized and high quality).

How can I customize a T-shirt kiosk like this one?

Unique kiosk as a direct supplier, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail clothes kiosk and display shelves. at first, you need to share all of your ideas and space info, logo, reference style, color needs to us. and then we can help you make a new design and put all of your ideas on it. some famous mall, such as Simon, GGP, Westfield. they’re very They are very strict about materials and design. we have done many sets for them with experience, it’s easy to meet they’re a requirement.   after confirmed the kiosk design and drawings. will start producing and shipping it to your port.

thanks for your time and reading. if you’re interested to start your T-shirt kiosk, more related information, pls direct contact us here, welcome inquiry! 

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