Nowadays is an echo of characteristic. Everyone is presuming unique and fashion element into daily life, especially for young people.  Therefore, T-shirt printing as a new fashion way to express the unique feeling become a famous start and more & more popular in every country. If you a new business starter and looking for mall kiosk business. T-shirt printing kiosk definitely your first choice.

In fact, it’s not difficult to open a T-shirt kiosk in mall. Similar to most of the mall retail kiosk, you don’t need extra skill or more cost. Follow the mall kiosk business procedure and you will start a money-making machine. What’s more, the unique printing culture will also bring you new fresh life ideas and positive attitude.

Here is a nice DteeG T-shirt kiosk design in the mall. Full green concept mall kiosk ideas. with the different square box to display ready T-shirts, you can easily choose the right T-shirt and print the ideal pictures & logos on it.

Compare to food kiosk in the mall, T-shirt printing kiosk is quite cheap. Most of the t shirt kiosk will use plywood as main material and finish the surface with colorful Formica or Wisnurt lamination. While some shopping mall will allow you to have a 2pac surface, you can paint with PMS colors. For some higher-level shopping centers, Those material are not accepted, you will need a solid surface, such as Corian, solid wood or color-core lamination. No matter what material you are using. Fire-resistant is a must. So, when you ordering a T-shirt kiosk from a mall kiosk manufacturer. Keep in mind about the materials.

Besides materials and electrical systems in a T-shirt printing kiosk. Design is also an important part, without a good kiosk design, you can hardly attract your potential customer, not to say make a deal. This DteeG T-shirt kiosk design is a good sample.  Arrange the working depart and sales depart properly, and unique advertising with TV player. Soft seating area with display racks.  This kiosk design is just perfect for most of the T-shirt and clothing kiosk.

If you want to build a mall kiosk or retail kiosk for clothing, T-shirt printing, Unique Kiosk definite the first choice for you. We have over 17 years of experience in mall kiosk designing & manufacturing.  Moreover, we offer the best price that you can never find it in local. Not to say, fast delivery and quality guarantee after-sale service. Contact us now and get your Kiosk build today.

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