Unique Food Chocolate Stand Creative Candy Chocolate Stand Design

Chocolate can definitely be called the greatest invention in food, no matter what meal can be added to the element of chocolate. In addition, chocolate will also have soothing elements which is conducive to good mood. When people is eating will make them feel good. To make the chocolate kiosk is good way to run the chocolate business.chocolate kiosk p1

Special Chocolate Kiosk

The chocolate display stand is round edge, and the pink decorates the edge middle and the kiosk bottom. The most delicate point is that the kiosk has the chocolate shape decoration. It shows the feature of the chocolate and customers like such design.

chocolate stand

chocolate kiosk

Besides, the food kiosk has 4 yellow glass pillars, and its side has the chocolate shape and other fruits as the decoration. The pillars support the top design. The 3D acrylic pink logo sign is arch and it is connected together, and it is so attractive. Customers can see such beautiful chocolate stand. Besides, the menu is on the top and it is easy for customers to choose what they want.

Two sides the kiosk is for displaying the products, people can choose the types. The front side is for selling different tastes ice cream in the cases. The back side are two sinks for working. The chocolate display stand has the storage cabinets for the food and other machines.



The main color of the chocolate display counter is white and pink, it is a good color decoration. Any colors is available for customizing the kiosk.


We make the 3D effects to create the kiosk style according to your hobbies.No matter what kind of kiosk you like, our design team will make it with new imagination within 2-4 working days. It cost 300 USD to make one kiosk design, it is very cheap in the market.

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