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Dear friends, welcome to visiting our website. When you are planning to open a smart phone store, please don’t miss this smart phone shop furniture. With the fast development of Internet, more and more people reply on it. I can’t image what should we do without net. In this case smart phones can help us deal with many issues conveniently. So it’s a good choice to open a cell phone shop in the local place. Let’s view more details about this smart phone store interior design together.

Description about smart phone shop furniture

This shop is suitable for the corner location, as it can enlarge the store space and attracts more clients. When we enter the phone, we can see the are many display counter table to showcase cell phones. People can review and purchase the one they like easily. Put a label next to the phone so customers can learn more about this phone.  On the right wall are wall stand for accessories showcase and wall counter with light posters. We can also put our brand name and logo in this wall, where customers can notice from far away. On the back side are advertising wall with reception counter. You can also provide cell phone repair service here. Do you like this phone store interior design?

Let’s see the design pictures together

From this design photo, we can view every part clearly. When you have a new idea about the store design, we can add it to the store and show you the effort.

 smart phone shop furniture smart phone shop furniture

More information

  1. Main material: Plywood
  2. Surface material: Wooden grain laminate or solid wood
  3. Size: 30 square meters
  4. Style: Modern and Unique
  5. Design time: 2-4 business days after confirmed

If  you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help.

  • Name: Sunny
  • Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com
  • WhatsApp & WeChat: +86 13602680324
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