Multi-function computer shop furniture with display counter for sale

Hello friends, are you going to open a store and sell electronics to earn a profit? It’s a great time to start your own business because it will help us win a lot of clients and become rich. Here is a multi-function computer shop furniture design can serve for your business. We can display showcase different products to meet different demands, the furniture size, color, style is determined on our own ideas. Let’s view more details together.

Description about computer shop furniture

As for a new business man, we only need a small shop to start. Because small store don’t need much start-up capital, it will be easier to operation. Like this multi-function shop I share today, the store size is about 4m×3m. There are 5 display counters in the middle to showcase our products. Such as computers, monitors, smart phones and other products we need to sale. On the two side wall are used to showcase TVs, we can also put up advertise to let clients know our company and products better. In the middle wall are long table counters to place small monitor or accessories. The warm color makes us comfortable. And we can attach our own brand logo on the back wall and set cashier counter with repair desk for convenient use.

3D design photos show

computer shop furniture

From the 3D design drawing, we can view the whole store clearly. We can arrange the space in advance, whenever it is not good enough,we can modify in time. If the design better match out shop decoration, Production should follow on the design drawing. In this way, we can get the exact store furniture the same as 3D design shows.

Whenever you have new ideas about store decoration, please feel free to contact us! Thank you for reading.

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