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Dear all, glad to know that you are looking for mobile phone shop counter. Shenzhen Unique Kiosk can help you choose the most suitable store counter kiosk for your business. They provide customized kiosks and showcases for more than 10 years. They can provide high quality products with competitive price. Here is a mobile shop counter interior kiosk stand, we can learn more and see how it help our business. When you like this store design, they can make a similar one for you. You can also let them know your own ideas, they will draw a new 3D design drawing to match your shop size.

3D design show

phone store furniture mobile phone shop counter

Description about mobile phone shop counter

From the design, we can see the whole mobile phone furniture clearly. There are experience counters to showcase phones, clients  can choose their favorite phones here. On the back side is a large wall to hang on phone accessories and earphones, which are more popular among young people. We can also put up posters here for advertising and let more people know the hot selling products. We can also provide phone repair services on the left side and checkout here. The right side is equipment display area, where is a place to showcase new related products and let people enjoy our services.

The basic material is plywood with wooden grain laminate and blue color. All the counters and shop furniture kiosk including light and cables for better usage. We should also put the brand name and logo to the counter, which can remember our customers all the time and when they need to by phone and accessory, they should choose us at the first time.

Do you like this mobile phone shop counter decoration? Whenever you are going to open a store, please feel free to contacts. Thank you.

Name: Sunny                        Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com                                       WhatsApp: +86 13602680324

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