Popular style phone accessory shop cabinet to Australia

Good morning, friends. I am honored to share a phone accessory shop cabinet to help your business better. As we all know, phone accessory has a big market in the world, so it’s the best time to operation a phone accessories shop to make more money. With the rapid development of technology, mobile phone accessories industry is very promising. In this case, we should seize business opportunities and become rich. Now, let’s learn more information together.

3D design show

From the design, we can view every parts clearly and arrange all the space in advance. We can also modify to make the shop design better.

phone accessories store design Phone accessory shop cabinet

Description about his phone accessory shop cabinet

There are wall stand shelves on the two sides, since the other two sides with locked doors for customers to enter into the store. In front of the sales window is a 4-layer-stair showcase with aluminum groove plate to hang on more cables for sale. Closed to the door is a white reception counter with brand name, customers can checkout here. We can put up a round table with 3 chairs for customers to have a rest. Using more layer-stair stand to display more products. The large column mainly use to attach brand logo and play video advertise. Do you like this phone accessory shop design?

The basic color is white with wooden decoration. And the warm LED light makes people feel comfortable when come to the store. We should decoration the shop to your favorites with your own band name and logo. Our main purchase is providing high quality products and good service to our customers.

Whenever you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We are likely to discuss more with you. Thank you

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