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Hello everyone, today we will introduce your cellphone shop interior design phone accessories display for sale. We hope it is helpful to these who plan to open a mobile phone shop. Now the brand of mobile phones is changing quickly, and there are many brands in the market. New brands are produced after a period of time. People’s pursuit of mobile phone brands is beyond our imagination. So there will be a great profit for the cellphone shop.

Not only there is a great demand for cellphones, but also the same as the phone accessories. We like to buy a phone case or change the phone case often for our cellphone. And the Mobile phone tempered film is easy to collision damage. We also need to replace them one time three months on average. Other accessories like earphones, battery, charger, mobile phone lanyard, card reader, infrared adapter, bluetooth adapter we also need them often.

cellphone shop

The introduction of the cellphone shop design

The shop size is about 80 square meters, which shape a rectangle. The main color of the shop is red and white. A cashier counter is at the innermost side. There is a storage cabinet behind the cashier counter. The shop name and logo can be seen on the wall. And the cellphone display rack is lean against the wall. There are two cellphone display counters and 3 reception desks. So the customer can consult the cellphone problem with sales and change their cellphone accessories.

cellphone shop

You can see the wall display cabinet we use the slatwall with some hook to display the products. And on the top, it named the ” ACCESSORIES” or other products you will sell. Then the customer can see and know what you are selling and the brand of them. In the middle of the shop, it has 2 cellphone display stand with arc-shape.

cellphone shop

And the shop has 3 reception desk here You can see on the below design, it is an attractive design. The customer can sit here and discuss what they want. This reception desk can use for the cell phone customer service here.

The material of the cell phone store is MDF with baking paint. The color can customize any colors as you like. So this shop is mainly white color and red color. Usually, the color theme of the phone store we can use black and white, blue and white, red and white. Those are the famous colors of the cell phone shop design.

cellphone shop

How to order if you want to open a cell phone store?

Firstly, please contact our sales team, and tell your requirement to us. Then they will make 3D design rendering at first. If you want to change somewhere, please contact us in a timely, they will change for you till you are satisfied. Secondly, after the 3D design is passed by you, our design team will start to make the CAD drawing.

Thirdly, after finishing, we will assembly the whole mobile phone shop display furniture in our factory and make sure that every part works well, and take photos and videos for your confirmation. Fourthly, we will pack the mobile phone display store furniture. The package is foam inside and wooden box outside. Finally, we will arrange shipment. We can arrange for you to ship to the nearest destination port from you or to your door to door address.


How can you start the 3d design?

You can send the floor plan to us if you get it from the landlord or the shopping mall manager. Then we will make the shop design customize as your floor plan. If you have the logo, you can also send it to us. We can put your logo on the display showcase. For the cell phone store display showcase, we will charge 500USD-800USD design deposit. But it will deduct from the total amount when you order the whole shop furniture. So actually we offer the free customize design service.

Please feel free to contact us by email sales08@uniquekiosk.com to get a quote for the cell phone shop display furniture. We are here all ready to offer you the best service! Thank you for your read.



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