Crepes and waffles are one of the most popular street snacks in the world. Especially when people are busy with work and have no time to eat lunch, fast food helps them quickly get rid of hunger. It’s a great idea to open a fast-food kiosk in the mall centre and earn money. Today, here is a nice crepe kiosk design sharing with you.

10ft by 10ft fast food booth for sale

When you rent a space in the call centre, it’s necessary to customize a unique and high-end food kiosk. Because you should choose a wonderful colour, layout, style to match your company culture. And put machines and display showcase in a good way for better use. Besides, most of the mall manager require to review the kiosk design with material information. That’s why you need a unique design drawing. If you find somewhere not match your brand better, it’s easy to modify in a 3D design. The 3D design is surely made according to your ideas, but not every idea is correct. And our professional designer team can help you perfect the mall kiosk concept.

For this 10ft by 10ft fast food booth, you should sell many products. Such as fast food, crepes, pancakes, waffles, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, coffee, juice and bubble tea. Which can help you earn more profit and gain profit. Because clients can buy all kinds of food from your store.

fast food booth

Main material show:

For most of the food kiosk, the main material is plywood. The surface material is laminate, wood veneer, solid wood, tile, stone, plastic plants decoration, etc. You should choose the most suitable decoration to match your brand symbol. Other materials including, stainless steel skirting, acrylic logo, lightbox, tempered glass, stone surface. If your mall manager has other material requirements, please let the designer know. So we can change the material to your needs. And when production follows on the design drawing, you can get the right fast food kiosk you need.

food concession

How to manufacture the kiosk?

First, confirm the order. Order is the beginning of every business. Second, the workshop prepares materials and make the wooden body. The workers will leave space for wires and sockets. Third, painting the kiosk or put laminate to the surface. In this step, you can see how your crepe kiosk looks like. We should also take photos to inform you of all the steps. Fourth, connect the wires and add sockets to the kiosk. All the wires should be hidden inside the crepe kiosk. Finally, add a sink, brand logo, lightbox, and assembly locked doors and drawers.

waffle kiosk crepe kiosk

How to package the crepe kiosk?

When we finish the kiosk, we should test the light and cables first to make sure everything works well. You can see how it looks like in real life. Then the whole kiosk will be divided into several parts for better delivery. The next job is to pack. We will wrap the cabinet with foam cotton, especially the corners will be reinforced and protected. In this way, the display cabinet can reduce the damage in the transportation diagram. There is also a layer of wooden boxes on the outside, which can resist external bumps very effectively. As long as it is not intentionally damaged, you will receive a complete counter. Of course, we will send you a picture of the packaging for your confirmation.

In order to help you better, we will note the numbers in the wooden box. So you can accurately find the counters according to the number. Assemble them, and connect the wires, you can get the right mall kiosk. This work is easy to complete.

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