Best Quality Crepe Kiosk Popsicle Glass Display Cabinet Juice Bar

Some tips for you to start the food business:

The food business you think is easy. But when you actually do this, you will find that it is not so easy. Doing a food business requires entrepreneurs to pay attention to publicity and promotion. Operators can use diversified discount promotions and launch special products on major holidays to increase the traffic and product sales of our food stores.

Food stores mainly focus on their own store or go to the local market to investigate which products are better to sell. Consumers like to buy or buy more, and then purchase the source of goods in a targeted manner.

Whether the food can sell well and how much it sells is related to your location and whether the entrepreneur locates the product according to the level of consumption. If you choose a location where the economic level is relatively low, the consumption situation is not very good. But the price of your product does not meet the local consumption level, then your food will be difficult to sell.

Whether your food can sell well depends on the flow of people around your store and the conversion rate. To run a food store, you must learn to pay attention to and observe the changes in consumer groups. Different consumer groups have different needs for snacks. For example, children ask for delicious products. While some young people require products that taste good, and may also ask what products are eaten. Health effects, etc.

Small investors must learn to optimize the shopping environment of food stores. In many cases, consumers make temporary decisions in the store. We believe that small investors need to create a good dining atmosphere for customers. This will not only attract more consumers but also increase the customer’s purchase rate and repeat shop entry rate.

The details about this crepe kiosk juice bar counter for food shop:

Delicious crepes are the love of girls and children. This exotic snack comes from a great food country-France. Originally, crepes were pancakes made of wheat that were thinner than pancakes. They had various tastes and rich nutrition, meeting the needs of consumers of all classes, and were a representative specialty of French desserts. Before you start the crepe food business, you need to find a location first. For example, this food counter is for a food store.

The crepe counter size is 8.5x17ft, the customer will use it for his food shop. And the wall has the wall display shelves and wooden decoration on it. You can put something on the wall display shelves. And on the top of the wall display shelves have the lighted box. The lighted box you can put some pictures or menu. The material of the food counter is plywood with wooden color laminate. The countertop we will use white color man-made stone. The right side of the food counter is the topping area with 8mm tempered glass cover. I love this design, how about you?

How to make the 3d design of the crepe food kiosk?

After you get the location size, please send us the size or store floor plan.

For the kiosk design, we will charge 300$ design deposit. And for the shop design, we will charge 500$ design deposit.

We will make the 3d design customize for you. This is a unique kiosk design only for you.

If you don’t like the design, we can discuss and work together to change it.

After the changes, we will confirm the 3d design and send the final version to you for your confirmation.

Finally, we will make the detailed construction drawing of the crepe food kiosk for you.

Please send it to the shopping mall to get approval. Then we can start the production for the juice bar kiosk.


We are the best mall food kiosk factory located in Shenzhen, China. What we do is to help our customers to make their business successful. Many customers ordered the first kiosk from us, and then make one by one. They also do a franchise, if somebody wants to join in their brand, they can do business together. Please contact us to get a start for the crepe food kiosk popsicle display showcase juice bar kiosk!

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