10 x 15 ft crepe kiosk lemon juice food booth customize design

Crepes actually come from France. It is thinner than a pancake. This customer opened a crepes kiosk in the USA and now he wanted to make a new one to replace his old kiosk. He said his location size is 10 x 15 ft and he doing the crepes and lemon juice, smoothies business. We share some food kiosk design with him and want to make a customize kiosk design.



When you talk with the mall management, they will send you the location size and the rent etc. Meanwhile, they will require a 3D design and a detailed construction drawing for approval. We will make a customized 3D design for you to add your logo and make it with your location size.



Size: 10 x 15 ft or customize size.

Material: Plywood with laminate, solid wood.

Logo: 3D lighted logo customize for you.

Glass: 8mm frosted tempered glass.

Countertop: White color man-made stone.

Others: Advertising TV, lighted box, stickers, corner guard.



Many customers worry about the installation of the crepes kiosk. Actually, we will install a whole crepes kiosk in our factory. Our worker will install the glass, logo, water sink, all the accessories and so on. Also, the wires and sockets of the kiosk we will install for you.

After you receive the crepes kiosk, open all the packages and put them together. You can print out the floor plan for reference. Then connect the male and female connectors together to your mall power supply it will work. We will pack the crepes kiosk divided into a few parts. The below is how we will pack the whole crepes kiosk.


Welcome to contact us if you need any help, we are online 24 hours!

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