Useful Solid Wood Crepe & Pancake Kiosk with Seats

food kiosk

Solid wood finishes fast food become popular in recent years. Because this wood food kiosk is good to prepare food and highlight your shop. Choosing a nice crepe kiosk helps your business well. Today, I want to share a nice solid wood kiosk with you. It has a service area, a working is and a seating area for clients. Let’s view more details here.

3D design crepe kiosk

The crepe kiosk size is 3m by 3m, including display showcase area, work table, storage cabinet, and brand letters. We can also put a brand sign, advertising on the kiosk to attract people. There is an extra seating area with a wall surrounding it, which looks like a restaurant in the mall, clients can sit down and enjoy their meals.

food kiosk boothLayout information

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set in the front area, which is convenient for clients to check bills. Next to the cashier counter, we can place a glass display showcase here, so that poeple can also buy food directly. While the side counter can set crepe equipment for usage. There is a glass sneeze guard to protect it.

fast food kioskWorking table

The working table is in the back area, water sink is set here for a wash. We can also leave space for blender and beverage equipment. We can see there is a metal ceiling with lighting, that looks vivid and increase brightness. Brand signboards are set at two sides to remind people.

Seating area

We can see there are many dining tables with chairs in this area. People can sit down here and enjoy food. You can also add brand letters, posters face the public. Delicious food poster attracts people’s attention and can bring more clents.

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