Golden Frame Display Shelves Crepe Shop Stand for Sale

metal display shelves

Are you looking for nice display shelves for business? No matter what kind of business you are starting, display shelves helps a lot. Because, clients can purchase items from both sides. Today, I want to share a nice display shelves with you. You can also add a wall with ceiling to increase lighting. The owner use it in the crepe store.

Golden frame crepe display shelf

This crepe display shelf includes two parts, one is display stand and another is outside decorate frame.

crepe display shelfGolden display shelf

This display shelf has golden metal support and white plate. Size is 1200mm long, 350mm wide and 2200mm tall. It can also customize the color according to your requirements. It has 4 layers in total to place items. Bottom area is lock cabinets for storage.

Outside frame

There is a frame cover the golden display shelf. The size is 3850mm long, 2400mm tall and same 350mm wide as display shelf. There are 6 spotlight at the ceiling for brilliant.

Produce photos show

The produce photos show the real looks of the display shelf of crepe display. All the cabinets has locks, so people won’t reach inner items. You can also change it to other colors matches your shop theme. Brand logo can also attach to the crepe display shelf. Our designer can find a good place for them, and even draw a 3D design to show your display shelf looks.

crepe display showcase wall display stand

Package photos

We use foam and plastic film to protect it and good for long-distance shipping. Outside has wood box, we will also write numbers to distingwish each shelves.

wall cabinet

If you have new ideas about crepe display shelf decoration, please kindly contact us. We can build the crepe display stand meet your demands.

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