Delicious food always popular among people. As everyone likes delicious food and drinks, if you are going to buy a kiosk and sell food, I am sure you can make money. Today, I want to share a customized bubble tea kiosk with you. Whatever your business is, this food kiosk can better help you. Because it is design and made follow on your requirements. Let’s view more details together.

 How to make the unique bubble tea kiosk?

When you rent a place in the shopping mall, you should think about purchase a unique kiosk to start your business. The most important thing is to purchase a unique mall kiosk. Due to the special bubble tea kiosk with brand name is eye-cathing and can bring more customers. As it is shown in the picture, the bubble tea kiosk covers an area of 3m by 2m. The main color is red. From the front side, we can see there is a  cake machine insert the kiosk, while on the top is to sell bubble tea and drinks. Which can make full use of the space. Next to it is a working counter with large machine on the counter top, and locked cabinets on the back side. Cashier counter stand along with light box for advertising. On the hehind, there is a long counter with locked drawers for storage more items. The brand name and logo is hang on the kiosk. Besdies, the menu should hang on the top ceiling, so that people can choose what they want easily. Do you like the mall kiosk design?

Design pictures about bubble tea kiosk

From the design drawing, we can view every part direclty. So, when make your own kiosk, don’t forget to draw your own bubble tea kiosk design. Then we can help you modify better.

bubble tea kiosk bubble tea booth tea cabinet drink stand

Whenever you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help.

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