Are you going to open a bubble tea kiosk? Bubble tea is one of the most popular drink in the world. When you are going to open a bubble tea kiosk. You need to purchase the suitable kiosk for your business. A unique kiosk can not only cath people’s eyes, but also showcase your products and shop in a good way. Today, I want to share a classic bubble tea kiosk for your reference. We made many units in this style. We can also add your own idea to the kiosk and show you in a new 3D design.

Information about the design idea

Usually, the food kiosk use plywood to make the kiosk body and the surface is laminate. For this one, the basic material is MDF with backing paint. We will leave the round space to insert the round light to gives the bubble kiosk a special sight. As we can see in the desing, the basic color is black. When add white light strip in it, it has a unique design and decoration. The machines should add in the right place for better usage. Please design the brand logo and posters in a good way, which can help you gain more customers.

3D design show

Here are some pictures for your reference. You can view the kiosks clearly in the design. Wherever you need changes, our deisgner can help you better. They are professional and create special deisgns fro customers from all over the world. They will meet your demands and give the right kiosk you need. Bubble tea shop in mall

bubble tea

If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to discuss more with you.  A new design based on your require 2-3 days to build. And production need 20-25 business days to made. Whenever you need help, please send an inquiry directly, we are here and ready to help .Thank you

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