UK Solid Wood Bubble Tea Kiosk with Grass and Tile Decoration

bubble tea kiosk

We recently made many bubble tea kiosks for customers from the UK.  The bubble tea kiosks are in unique shape and good for business. No matter when you plan to start a business, this bubble tea kiosk is good for you.

Stories to confirm bubble tea kiosk

The owner first choose a bubble tea kiosk as basic style and let us know his requirements. According to his location size 3.5m by 2.5m, we made a 3D design first. Our designer spends 3 days creating models and rendering clear photos. And he likes it very much once sees the bubble tea kiosk design. He submitted the design to the mall manager and got final approval.

bubble tea booth

green tea kioskIntroduction of bubble tea kiosk

Cashier counter

We can see the cashier counter set in the front area. Two sides have a display showcase and a tall menu stand. Clients can see and order bubble tea here.

Topping bar counter

There is a glass showcase at the top of the top bar. Staff can add different flavors to the bubble tea. Under the counter has a dustbin cabinet area. Near it is a sink with an L-shaped wall panel and 3D acrylic luminous letters with a green grass background on the surface

bubble tea counterWorking area

There is a long counter for work. The equipment is placed at the countertop for better usage, the refrigerators are set under the counter table. Outside has many lightbox painting, which makes your bubble tea kiosk looks better

We also add a light lamp on the top, that increases the glows and attracts clients’ attention.

The main color is white, green, and wood color, they create a high-end and luxurious effect. You can also choose other colors that meet your demands.

Real effect bubble tea kiosk

bubble tea shop bubble tea cabinet bubble tea counter

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