Solid Wood Bubble Tea Kiosk Fresh Juice Shop for Sale

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A bubble tea kiosk is a good place to start a business. It’s good to use in the shopping mall, food court, and retail food shop. We can sell bubble tea, fresh juice, ice cream, smoothie here. No matter what kind of drink you sell, this fresh juice kiosk helps you well.

Information of bubble tea kiosk

This bubble tea kiosk near the wall, location size is about 8m by 2m. Has a long working bench, display showcase counter, topping bar, a water sink, glass plate, and brand logo. The material includes wood veneer, stainless steel, stone, and 3D luminous logo, etc. We can also build the kiosk to the kiosk design.

juice kioskLayout information

We can see in the design, there is a long counter on the front side. It has a cashier counter, topping counter here, the cashier counter facing to the public that for order bubble tea. In the middle are has a bubble tea cup painting with blue background. One side has a solid wood panel that attaches the brand logo to it.

The backside has a while wall decoration, that we can use to place equipment for use. We use white tiles to decorate the wall, which looks elegant and learn. Slogan an attach to the wall for advertising.

juice stand

Brand signage

We can hang the brand name and signage at the top ceiling or right side near the entrance. There are lighting decorations to increase the brightness. We can also add lightbox painting and TV players for advertising.

You can also change the color, material to make your bubble tea kiosk looks better. Just contact here and view new bubble tea kiosk styles.

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